Monday, July 21, 2014

Menu Plan Monday and Garden Update: 7/21-7/27

Well, hello friends! After a week off, we're back for another Menu Plan Monday.

We spent a fun and relaxing week in the Adirondacks in New York (I'll share more about that later in the week) and I'm still adjusting back to our normal routine. After a week without having to cook any meals, a first step is set up a menu plan for the week.

Hubby's softball team had their final game of the regular season last week and play-offs will start next week.  Since we don't have a game to attend, there aren't any sandwiches or wraps on the menu this week. I'll admit that it was annoying at first to have tuna or chicken salad sandwiches every week, but now I think I might actually miss that easy dinner. After softball finishes up, you may even see chicken salad sammies on the menu occasionally.

This Week's Menu Plan: 7/21-7/27

 * Vegetable sides will depend on what is harvested from the garden.*

Monday: Salad Night
Tuesday: Sloppy Joe Zucchini Boats (recipe to come!)

Wednesday: Gyros

Thursday: Tilapia, Oven Roasted Potatoes

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: Chicken Fajitas

Sunday: Sausage & Peppers in the Crock Pot over Linguine

Garden Update:

While we were gone, our neighbor took care of the chickens and house in exchange for eggs and any veggies she could use from the garden. Being the sweet person she is, she picked the extra summer squash and green beans she didn't need so they wouldn't go to waste and left them in the fridge for us.
Everything in the garden is really starting to come in! When we got home, we picked some more zucchini and squash, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, and berries. We enjoyed grilled yellow squash for lunch yesterday, and then tomato sandwiches for dinner. Nothing like food fresh from the garden! Can I just tell you how much I love summer?
Oh, so good!

Last week's posts:

While I was away, I ran a series that I began writing about a month ago about the journey I've made (and will continue to make) on the blog.

What are you harvesting from your garden? Have you been trying any new recipes lately? I'd especially love to learn some new zucchini or squash recipes!


  1. So far...cucumbers (finally!) and jalapenos. I used a jalapeno in an omelet (mixed it in with the egg finely diced but used the other "goodies" inside the omelet). We didn't plant zucchini or squash this year, but I'm wondering if you can pickle zucchini the same way that cucumbers are pickled. My mom used to make a great squash pickle recipe, but it's been years. I remember that you pretty much shave slices of squash off (as finely as you can cut it). I love finely diced and sauteed squash with a bit of onion.

    1. Nice! Our cukes were really slow to grow and they only just started blooming. With this heat, they'll probably be bitter by the time we can pick them, but hopefully I'm wrong.
      I actually just saw a tutorial for zucchini refrigerator pickles, so I might give it a try.


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