Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tips & Tricks Thursday: Have You Tried Bloglovin'?

I love blogs. There's something about hearing from successful ordinary everyday people that encourages me to do great things too. Whether it's fun activities for the kiddo, recipes, great deals, or organizing tips, there is so much to glean from these resources.

The Problem: A Flooded Inbox

For a few years, I've been following blogs the same way. When I found a blog that resonated with me on Pinterest or Facebook, I would subscribe via email.
I set up a folder in my gmail to have all my blogs in one place to peruse at my convenience. This worked for awhile, but if I didn't get to look through my"Blogs" folder for a few days, it would get overwhelming! I finally got to the point where I just followed most of my blog favorites on Facebook and ignored my "Blogs" folder altogether.

The Tip: Use Bloglovin' for Less Virtual Clutter

Well, I found the solution to the problem with Bloglovin'. I had signed up to get an extra entry in a giveaway months ago, but I didn't do anything with it until I started getting more serious about using social media with my own blog. 
I honestly don't know why I didn't use Bloglovin' sooner! Instead of flooding my inbox with blog posts, I get one email from Bloglovin' each day.  I can simply scroll through my feed to see an image, the title, and a little snippet from the beginning of each post. It is so much more visually appealing (and much less overwhelming) than a full email folder!

MUCH easier on the eyes!

Each day I can scan my feed, click through to the posts I want to read, and move on. It probably seems like a little thing, but even if it has made my life just the tiniest bit better, I thought all of you might like it too!

And here's the other reason I bring it up:

From what I can tell, most of my regular readership is through Facebook, but because of the current algorithm, my status updates are not reaching all the people who like my page.
Unfortunately, if you want to stay up to date on what I'm sharing here on the blog, Facebook is not the way to do it. Unlike Facebook, you are guaranteed to see 100% of my blog posts, and posts from other bloggers you follow, if you subscribe using email or an RSS reader like Bloglovin'.

If you would like to follow me on Bloglovin' you can find my profile here or by clicking on the lavender bloglovin' icon toward the top right of the page.
Or, if you would rather follow by email or RSS feed, both options are available below my "About Me" section in the right-hand margin.

By choosing one of those options, you won't miss a thing here at Pinspired Home!
How do you keep up with your favorite blogs?

Have a tip, trick, or simple helpful hint to share? You are more than welcome to submit your idea here. I'd love to include it in a future post!  

This post is not sponsored by Bloglovin' in any way.


  1. I just signed up for Bloglovin' and I'm so excited to get my first email! :)


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