Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Little About Me

This week I'll be publishing my 100th post, which is a big milestone! Other than the little write-up on the right-hand side of this blog and little bits and snippets in posts, I haven't devoted any blog space to who I am. Since I love reading more about other bloggers, I thought you might like to do the same.
So, without further ado, here are five things that should help you know more about me.

My Childhood 
I'm the oldest of three kids. My brother is two years younger than me, and my sister and I are six years apart. We grew up in suburban/rural Connecticut in a pretty traditional family.
Since I was a kid, I've loved watching University of Connecticut basketball, both men's and women's teams. When I was growing up, my dad and I tried not to miss a game. I'm still a big UCONN fan, but don't follow nearly as regularly. Nonetheless, I love my Huskies! (National Champs, whoo-hoo!)
Family Vacation. My Parents and I are at the bottom right, and my brother and sister are at the top left.

When I was 15, we experienced several changes, including a move to a new state. While I was not all that thrilled about moving, especially right before my sophomore year, it turned out to be a great change. I found new opportunities and formed some great friendships, some of whom are still good friends today.

My Sweetheart
Hubby and I met our freshman year at a small Christian liberal arts college, were engaged in March of our junior year, and married two months after graduation.
We are each other's first loves. I know it's pretty unusual in this day and age, and I am extremely thankful that neither of us came into our marriage with the "baggage" of previous serious relationships. We're both first-borns and stubborn, so our marriage is by no means perfect, but we've learned and grown so much together. I can't imagine my life without him!

My Baby
Our little man will turn 3 in the fall. I mention him frequently on the blog, but you may have noticed that I don't use his name or share pictures of him on here, save an occasional shot from the back.
I guard Kiddo's privacy pretty closely. Part of that is because once I share a picture online, I have no control over what happens to it. The other part is simply that this is not his blog. It's my outlet, and I love it, but Kiddo didn't sign up for this blog. I want to respect him and not over-share, because one day he'll be a teen or adult looking at what I wrote - or it may be his peers who are doing the reading. I don't want to have regrets. This is a personal choice, and one I didn't come to lightly.

My Life Before Kiddo
I graduated from college in 2006 with a degree in Elementary Education.
My first year out of college, I was a substitute teacher, and from the fall of 2007 to spring 2011, I taught fifth grade. I loved it! But now that I'm a stay-at-home-mom, I really don't miss it as much as I thought I would.

My Role Now
I love being a mommy! I really do... well, at least most days. :) It's something I've always wanted to be. I really liked my childless years, and the opportunity to work at a job I enjoyed, but there's nothing like getting hugs and hearing "I love you" from my child. There are days where I'm pretty sure I'll go crazy. There are days when I'm very impatient and frustrated. But I can't imagine going back.
I have to say that I am blessed with an amazing support system. Hubby is great with Kiddo and picks up the slack a lot, especially now that blogging is taking up so much of my time. I also have an indispensable group of friends at MOPs, who provide so much support, advice, and encouragement. If you're a mom of little ones, I would highly, highly recommend getting involved with a local MOPs group.

I think that's enough for today. In writing this, I brainstormed a few more facts about me that I'd like to share in a future post, so you can be on the lookout for that in the near future.
In the meantime, stay tuned, because I have a blog post planned for each day this week! Tomorrow I'll be sharing an update on my progress in the Four Weeks to Clutter-Free Closets challenge. Thursday will be my 100th post with a GIVEAWAY! And on Friday, I'll be sharing a yummy recipe that I've been saving for a special occasion. (Yippee!)
It's almost party time!


  1. I enjoyed going through your blog thoroughly after reading this post, really love it and am going to try out the Green Pepper Soup soon, even if it is warm because A. we are growing them this year, and B. Hubby loooves stuffed peppers. Keep up the good work, going to get going on my closet challenge makeover Friday!!

    1. Thanks so much, Kelly! It's so encouraging to get positive feedback, especially in the comments. :)
      I'm excited to see what you do with your closets. Sharing is caring! ;)

  2. So nice to learn about you and your blog. I'm curious - what college did you go to? I went to small Christian college as well. Blessings! ~Kristen

    1. Kristen, we attended Grove City College in PA. Where did you go?
      Thanks so much for stopping by and sticking around to leave a comment. :)


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