Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time Suck Challenge Update

After I started the Time Suck Challenge, a few people told me that my timing wasn't exactly stellar. I mean, the Olympics are on, people!
I gave myself plenty of license to watch TV after Kiddo went to bed, but during the day, the time log really helped me make better choices and stay productive (especially in the kitchen). So, while the log wasn't a true measure of my typical day-to-day activities, I was still able to recognize a few things about my time usage.

  I multitask a whole lot

  • Much of the multitasking is just the nature of being a mom. If I attempt anything while Kiddo is around, I'll get interrupted. Multiple times. 
  • Another issue is that I have a hard time focusing on one task anyway. A while ago I shared this photo about Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder on the Facebook page. It perfectly explains how things go in my house. I'll start one thing, Kiddo will distract me (or I'll notice something else that needs to be done), and then I'll just bounce around from one thing to the next.
  • And then there's the time in between tasks. Waiting for water to boil? Just finished sweeping the floor? Put dinner in the oven? Perfect time to check Facebook! Or Pinterest, or email... You get the idea. 


I'm still not sure how much time I spent on social media.

If I really want to track how much time I'm on Facebook, Pinterest, etc., I probably need to make a detailed time log. The free printable was great for a general account of my activities, but there isn't space to write the one minute here or five minutes there spent on social media. If I try this challenge again, I'm going to carry around a notebook and record each activity I do and how long it takes.

I have a hard time completing tasks if I hit a snag.

Ok, I knew this one already - that's why I gave myself so much grace on my goal to read the Bible in a year. But I guess as a by-product of this challenge, I've learned that perseverance is a character quality I need to work on.
I kept a log for half of Monday and all of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday morning, I was out of the house for a play date and I kind of forgot about my time log.  I haven't kept one since then.
Guilty... Just keepin' it real, folks!
But I still feel like I have a good idea of where my time sucks are. I need to be more purposeful and dilly-dally less. :-) I'll get there eventually.

Moving Forward.

As part of this challenge, I got back into the habit of making a game plan for the week. This really helps me to be more purposeful about my days. Right now I use a cute notepad that I picked up at the Dollar Tree to write out my weekly game plan. I love that it's magnetic so I can keep my week-at-a-glance up on the fridge. I write what's for dinner above each day, chores and activities underneath, and extra to-do's in the "notes" section. It has worked well in the past and this challenge was just what I needed to get my rear in gear.

Helpful Resources.

In addition to some the goal sheets that I shared a while back, here are two other great FREE printables that can be used to better utilize your time.
Abby from Just A Girl and Her Blog has an amazing day-planning sheet here, and Crystal from Money Saving Mom has an awesome customizable Daily Docket.

Either of these would be a great way to keep yourself accountable and productive. I know if I have a plan for the day, I have less opportunities to get sucked into my computer or tablet. Accountability, in the form of a written plan or time log, is a great way to stay on task.

How do you make the most of your time? Do you make a game plan for your week?

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  1. I remember that in college, I would HAVE to plan out my tasks when I had a lot to do and it helped. I would add in 15-30 minutes of wiggle room for snacks and stretching breaks. The nice thing about that is I wouldn't get too annoyed with myself if it took longer than planned to complete something. And if I finished before my allotted time was up, it was a little victory and often spurred me on to the next task. Now I work all day and collapse in the evenings with no homework assignments to keep me accountable with my time. Reading this post was a great reminder that I am happier when I structure my time and set mini achievable goals. It's high time I get a better handle on my evening time-use.


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