Monday, February 24, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: 2/24-3/2

Good morning, friends! How was your weekend?
Mine was great! I attended a ladies' retreat with 3 women I'm proud to call family, as well as many other amazing women, including Jane Rubietta, our speaker for the weekend. She was fabulous - so very real and challenging.
My roomies were my amazing sis and sis-in-law, and while she didn't room with us, we spent plenty of quality time with my mom, too. We sisters soaked up our girl time together, staying up til 1 a.m. each night sharing our hearts and being just plain silly. (And I'm definitely feeling the sleep deprivation this morning!) I am so truly blessed to have these girls in my life!
But now its back to the normal routine: list-making, meal planning, kitchen work, cleaning (ugh), etc. First up is grocery shopping for this week's menu. It looks like it's going to be another low grocery bill since I'm continuing to use meals from the freezer (honey garlic chicken, meatballs, and lasagna casserole). Plus, we'll be eating out two nights this week - once at my parent's and once at a restaurant for our date night (yippee!).

This Week's Menu: 2/24-3/2

Monday: Salad Night

Tuesday: Meatball Subs, Skillet Asparagus

Wednesday: Leftover Crock Pot Honey Garlic Chicken (from a freezer kit), Oven Roasted Potatoes, Broccoli

Thursday: Skillet Fajitas (Hubby's Recipe)

Friday: Family Dinner

Saturday: Date Night! :-)

Sunday: Lasagna Casserole or Crock Pot Chicken Curry, Green Beans

So, that's our menu plan. Here's a re-cap of last week:

On Tuesday, I shared the little things we did to make our Valentine's Day special. 

And on Thursday, I shared the update on my Time Suck Challenge. While I didn't quite stick with the plan, I made some great strides toward using my time more wisely.

This week, my big goal is to go through all my blog drafts and prepare them for publishing. Right now I have 18 (eighteen!!!) drafts, all in various states of readiness. If I were to take the time to polish what I already have, those posts would last me a few weeks! I'll probably keep a few in reserve for busy times when I can't work on new posts, but most will make an appearance on the blog in the net few weeks.
What do you have planned for this week?

I linked to Menu Plan Monday at I'm An Org Junkie 

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