Friday, September 19, 2014

Our Fall Bucket List

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The air is crisp and cool. Our local farms have opened for pick-your-own apples. Pumpkins are on the neighbor's porch. I guess I can't fight it anymore - it's Autumn.

And actually, I'm pretty excited now! Our fall activities began this week and I think I'm finally ready for the year ahead.

I have always loved the Fall. The colors, the smells, the coziness of a fuzzy sweater as the weather gets cool... It's such a comforting time of the year. And as one of my favorite seasons from the time I was a kid, I have so many memories I want to make with Kiddo.

For the summer, I made a mental bucket list, and we didn't actually get to everything I wanted to do. So for Autumn, I'm making a written list and blogging about it to keep myself accountable. I made a simple list of eight activities that just scream "Fall" to me, and today I'm sharing it with you. :-)

Do you do anything special in the fall? What would you add to (or remove from) this list? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I remember going for drives as a family to admire the colorful fall foliage in Connecticut. :) Ahhhh, nostalgia. And then driving arouund to see all the lights on houses at Christmastime. Simple but oh so memorable. "Ooohhhhh.... Ahhhhhhhh...." =P

    1. I know! Remember driving to see the luminaries too?

  2. I'm stealing this bucket!

    1. Good to hear from you, Kelly! I know you and your guys will love this.
      (And feel free to share, too, if you feel so inclined) :)


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