Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Confessions of a Boring Adult: Our New Freezer

I'm a simple girl. It really doesn't take much to make me happy.  Something that makes my life better? I'm all over it. Delicious comfort food or farm-fresh produce? Happiness.

I'm just incredibly practical. I don't expect fancy gifts or a spa day (though that spa thing might be nice someday - hint, hint, Hubby). For birthdays or Christmas, I'd rather receive something that I will actually use than something pretty that will clutter up my house.

So what made me giddy last week?

A new freezer.

Yes, seriously. It felt like Christmas! I was so excited about it that I pulled out my phone to show pictures to a few friends on Sunday. Thankfully, they know how passionate I am about freezer cooking and preserving, so they humored me. I have some very sweet friends!

So, why was I so excited about this freezer?

Our two smaller freezers were almost to the max, and we still have more chickens and produce to freeze, plus the cow that we're splitting with friends next month and the possibility of a deer or two during hunting season. And then there's freezer cooking...

We just needed more space. 

So we bit the bullet and bought a 24 cubic foot monstrosity on sale at Sears. It was delivered last Thursday, and we filled it up over the weekend. We sold one of our other freezers and will keep the other as a back-up, at least for the winter, to make sure we have enough room.
Am I a total nerd? Because I am SO excited about this freezer! I definitely sent Hubby a picture as soon as it was delivered. The best part? Look at those compartments! That was one of the things I HATED about our old chest freezer - it was hard to keep organized and the solutions I found were all fairly expensive. I had some methods that worked okay, but this is just so much nicer.

Hubby transferred everything from our two smaller (roughly 10 cubic ft.) freezers into the new one last weekend. The freezer is over 7 foot long and looked massive, but it filled up quickly with some room to spare.  I have a few things I'd like to re-arrange to make it a little more efficient, but that hasn't happened yet. Once I do, I'll have to share a picture of the final product.

Am I the only one who gets excited about boring adult stuff? What surprising things make you giddy?


  1. I would love this to, that is gorgeous!! I only have the freezer as part of my refridgerator, so you can imagine my eyes bulging seeing that 7 footer..enjoy it!!

  2. You may recall me asking for a dust-buster for Christmas one year...

  3. Deep Freezers make us excited here too! So thankful for our large one - though I think you've got us beat!


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