Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Containing the Cord Clutter

We're not really into tech gadgets in this house, but even a few charging cords can make a space seem messy. For awhile I had been keeping the chargers for our two cell phones, an electric sweeper, and the video camera in a basket. Then we added in my new Nexus tablet (an early birthday present from Hubby) and the cord clutter was starting to get to me. It was just so frustrating to dig through and untangle the cords every time I needed to charge something.

This may not look too bad, but it becomes quite the tangled mess when you add our cell phone chargers.

I wanted to find a cord storage/organization solution that was low-to-no-cost and didn't take up a bunch of space. I decided to look for some inspiration on Pinterest.

I remembered seeing this idea using toilet paper rolls, and I was ready to implement it, but the big fat plugs on my chargers wouldn't fit inside.
DIY Toilet Paper Tube Organizer Is Ugly, but It's a Helluva Cable Organizer
Source: Life Hacker

A cord drawer like this one at Ask Anna is a great idea if you have a spare drawer, but my drawers were all occupied.
Source: Ask Anna
Finally, I turned to the always-organized Jen from IHeart Organizing. I loved the idea of using dividers to separate cords. And I knew I could replicate the idea without going out and buying any special organizers or inserts.
Source: IHeart Organizing

For the moment I have the cords stowed on our corner cabinet in a very fall-themed apple basket from my teaching days. I would like to place the cords in a more neutral basket or bin soon, but I am still on the lookout for the right one.

 Since the basket won't be the cords' permanent home, I decided not to go too fancy when making the storage system. I looked in the recycling bin and found a box that would work well as a divider.  

First, I cut a strip deep enough to fit under the top rim of the basket. I made it long enough that I could put it in the length of the basket and fold it on either side for added support.

Once I knew it would fit, I measured and marked two places to make slits. That way I'd end up with six spots for chargers.

I cut two more pieces to the width of the basket and cut a slit down the middle of each. Finally, I slipped them together to make my compartments. This did take a little bit of trimming to make it fit just right, but it was a really simple impromptu project for a Saturday morning.

Finally, I placed all my cords into the basket, complete with labels made from bread tabs, like I saw on Pinterest a while back.

Ta-da! I love when just a little bit of time makes such a big difference! I am very pleased with this storage solution -- no more digging and untangling, and everything has a place. Whenever I find the perfect box or basket, maybe I'll dress it up with some pretty contact paper or card stock, but for now the system works and I'm loving it!
How do you store your charging cords?


  1. Great post! I love your solution and that it was basically FREE! :) Thanks for including me in the roundup.


    1. I'm all about free solutions to everyday problems. :) Thanks for stopping by, Anna!

  2. Love your solution! And I love all of the great sources you pulled inspiration from. Thank you for including me!


    1. Thanks for the inspiration, and for stopping by, Jen!


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