Monday, September 23, 2013

This Week's Menu Plan (9/23-9/29)

So, last week was not a good week for me when it came to the menu plan...

Last Week's Menu: Plan vs. Reality

Monday 9/16:
The Plan: Healthy Chicken Spaghetti
The Reality:  Healthy Chicken Spaghetti -- Delicious and very similar to a shrimp pasta I used to make (in fact, that was the last meal I had before Kiddo was born). Unfortunately it's too time-consuming to make regularly as a weeknight meal.

Tuesday 9/17:
The Plan: Crock Pot Fajitas
The Reality: Lasagna Casserole --  This is where my week started falling apart. I forgot to put the Fajitas in the crock pot in time

Wednesday 9/18:
The Plan: Lasagna Casserole
The Reality: Crock Pot Fajitas

Thursday 9/19:
The Plan: Leftover Crock Pot Fajitas
The Reality: Leftover Crock Pot Fajitas for Kiddo & Hubby, and dinner out with the girls for me :)

Friday 9/20:
The Plan: Tilapia
The Reality: Leftover Chicken Spaghetti

Saturday 9/21: 
The Plan: Dinner with friends. Maybe hamburgers?
The Reality: Turkey Burgers, Green Beans, Oven Roasted Potatoes

Sunday 9/22:
Lunch Plan: Tuna Sandwiches or Leftovers
Lunch Reality: Tuna Sandwiches
Dinner Plan:  Venison Tenderloin and Baked Potatoes on the grill
Dinner Reality: Chinese Takeout

Healthy Chicken Spaghetti
We all have weeks where things don't go as planned. My goal for this week is to go shopping once and not have to make any special trips (like the extra trips I took to get hamburger buns and potatoes).  Hopefully I'll solve this problem by double-checking my pantry before making my shopping list - something I didn't do last week. And, while my meal plan is meant to be flexible, it would be nice to follow it a bit more closely. We'll see how this week goes.

Menu Plan for 9/23-9/29
Monday 9/23:
Sausage and Kale Soup

Tuesday 9/24:
Chicken Tetrazzini

Wednesday 9/25:
Leftover Turkey Burgers

Thursday 9/26:
Leftover Chinese

Friday 9/27:
Leftover Soup

Saturday 9/28: Family Celebration for a special two-year-old!
Pulled Pork Barbecue, Green Beans, Coleslaw, Rolls, Potatoes, and Birthday Cake!

Sunday 9/29:
Leftover Tetrazzini

With fall (and all its added activities) upon us, several of my Facebook friends and favorite bloggers have been talking about meal planning. It's fun to see the different techniques people use. Some are structured and plan for multiple weeks at a time, some have a theme for each night, and some plan each week (like I do). Then there are the people who like more flexibility and either have no official plan or have a few meals planned for the week and make them as the mood strikes
What's your style when it comes to planning meals?

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