Thursday, September 26, 2013

$0 Organizing Challenge: Kiddo's Closet

I have tried a few times to organize Kiddo's closet since we moved in, but mostly it lasted just long enough to dig through and re-stack boxes of clothes after switching seasons. When we moved in, I just shoved boxes of clothes and other Kiddo-related items in the closet and closed the door. (I'm sensing a trend.) It wasn't in terrible shape, but I knew I could make it much easier to find things if I just spent some time in there.
Organizing Kiddo's closet was on the mental to-do list, but it still hadn't happened.  For me, it just wasn't worth it to try organizing while Kiddo was awake. He either would cause a huge mess trying to help me or leave the room and get into trouble.
Then, about a month ago, I had a mother's helper for the morning, and let me tell you, it was glorious! She and Kiddo had a great time and I got to organize his closet without all the "help" and mischief that usually occur when I'm trying to accomplish something. Thanks again, Kylee!

First, I took everything out of the closet. Sorry I don't have pictures -- I was in a hurry to get it done while my helper was here! In the process, I found a hanging rod, child-size hangers, and a hanging shoe organizer. Just what I needed to get the closet in order!

After getting out all of this year's fall and winter clothes, I hung them up -- shirts and outfits on top and pants on bottom. I also hung a few hats and an extra diaper bag on s-shaped shower hooks, put the shoes in the organizer, and put winter jammies and wipes on the top shelf. The yellow photo box to the far right of the shelf is Kiddo's memory box. Inside are his hat and booties from the hospital, photos, and other special mementos from his first year. The plastic drawers and boxes on the bottom right are still somewhat disorganized, but they'll work for the time being. On the bottom left are a box of extra hangers and a box of hand-me-downs. The blue bag is to stow outgrown clothes until I pack them away.

Not bad for an hour or less of dedicated time. Since this picture was taken, I added a stack of crib sheets next to the pajamas on the top shelf. This arrangement is definitely working for the time being, but eventually I'd love to get a set of bins like these from the Dollar Tree, preferably in navy like Kiddo's hamper. They would be great for attractively storing all kinds of extras like outgrown clothes, sheets, extra diapers, extra wipes, and Kiddo's special hand-knit blankies.


Like everything else, this closet is a work in progress. It's definitely not Pinterest-pretty, but it's more functional and much less cluttered. And since I didn't spend a dime organizing it, I am even happier. I love the idea of a pretty storage space, but as long as it's functional, I would rather spend the cash on other projects.
So, how many of you out there actually have pin-worthy closets?

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