Friday, April 24, 2015

DIY Ruffle Flower - An Easy, No-Sew Project

Fact #1: I hate to waste anything.
Fact #2: I hate clutter.
Fact #3: I hate throwing away something that could be useful.

I know, these three things just don't jive. Add in the fact that we don't have a lot of extra closet or cabinet space to store extra unessential "stuff," and I'm constantly faced with the internal conflict of simplicity vs. wastefulness. That's one of the reasons I don't shop much anymore. (That and taking a 3-year-old and infant in the store with me, but I digress.)

So when I had some leftover ruffle trim from embellished curtains in Baby Girl's nursery, I was faced with three options:
  1. Find a place to store it.
  2. Throw it away.
  3. Figure out how to use it.
Since the nursery had some boring basic pieces that needed a little "something," I chose option #3.  I was already thinking of making some sort of rosette or flower, and since the trim matched the curtains, it was perfect! And so, these ruffle flowers were born.

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What You Need:


Plug in your glue gun to heat. (I can't tell you how many times I've skipped this step and had to impatiently wait to start my project!)

Cut your ruffle trim to the desired length. (To give you an idea, an 18" length will yield two flowers roughly 2.5" in diameter.)

Using a sharp pair of sewing scissors, cut down the middle of the trim, between the two sets of stitches, to make two lengths of single-sided ruffles. (Each length will become one flower.)

Cut a 1.5 to 2-inch square of felt. This will be the base for your flower.

Roll an end of the ruffle trim, add a generous dot of glue to the center of the square, and affix the rolled end to the glue.

Wrap the trim around, adding a small dot of glue every half-inch or so.

As you continue to wrap, angle the trim out until it's flat against the felt square.

In the last few turns, add glue around the entire edge to make sure everything is secure.

I won't be quitting my day job to become a hand model. ;-)

Trim the excess felt and seal the felt to the flower using small amounts of glue

If desired, attach a safety pin using a small piece of felt or glue on a pin back.

And you're done!

These little pins are perfect to add a little pizzazz to so many things.

I also made some flowers similar to these with some leftover ribbon.

I used them to add a little extra color and feminine detail to Baby Girl's nursery, but they would be adorable attached to a headband, added to a necklace, or embellishing a shirt or dress.* The possibilities are endless!

Note: If you are adding a flower permanently to an article of clothing, I would recommend using fabric glue (liberally) in place of the glue gun and a sturdy washable fabric (instead of felt), so the garment will hold up in the wash.

Tell Me: What would you do with these ruffle flowers?

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