Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Freeze Peppers

Peppers are by far the easiest vegetables to freeze. If blanching seems too intimidating or time-consuming, this is your veggie.

It's so simple, this tutorial hardly seems necessary, but here it is:

How to Freeze Peppers

1. Cut peppers as desired. Sliced peppers are great for fajitas or sausage & peppers, while chopped peppers are perfect for chili, stuffed pepper soup, and omelets. 
2. Place the peppers into a quart freezer bag and freeze.

That's it! 

Now, you're not just limited to freezing bell peppers. Here's how we freeze other varieties:

Banana Peppers and Green Chilies:

Slice peppers in half length-wise, remove the stem and seeds, and pop into a freezer bag. 


You could slice them in half and freeze them, but we usually just leave them whole and pop them into a freezer bag.

Helpful Hint: 

If you're freezing more than one pepper variety, be sure to label the bag. I remember one time when Hubby thought he was using green chili peppers to make Jambalaya, but they were actually jalapenos. It's a good thing that Hubby likes spicy food, because after a few bites I had to give up!

How we use them:

If I'm making a crock pot meal, I generally pop it in frozen, but otherwise I take the peppers out of the bag and let them thaw on a cutting board or plate while I prep the other ingredients for whatever I'm cooking. Peppers thaw quickly, so it doesn't take long.

Frozen peppers are a staple in our house. As I mentioned above, we usually use sliced peppers in fajitas or sausage & peppers, and chopped peppers in chili, stuffed pepper soup, omelets, and on pizza.

What would you make with your frozen peppers?

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