Monday, May 5, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: 5/5-5/11

 It's Monday again! The past week seemed to fly by.
We had a softball game Monday, our last night of kids' clubs Wednesday, MOPs Thursday, friends over for dinner Friday, and Small Group on Sunday. Not the busiest week we've ever had, but it made the week go quickly.
On Saturday, Hubby planted some more seeds and our broccoli plants. I'm so excited to see plants in the ground! It means we're one step closer to my favorite time of year. :)

This Week's Menu Plan: 5/5-5/11

Monday: Salad Night

Tuesday: Turkey Gyros, Green Beans

Wednesday: Leftover Chinese Food, Broccoli

Thursday: Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Baby Carrots

Friday: Homemade Pizza

Saturday: Mother's Day Meal

Sunday: Grilled Chicken Breast, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Broccoli

Freezer Meals:

This week's freezer meal will be my favorite Turkey Gyros. I love them and would highly recommend them! I made a double-batch when ground turkey was on sale a few months ago and I think this will be the last of it. :)

Crock Pot Meals:

The crock pot was busy last week. I had only planned to make Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken from a Freezer Kit, but then plans changed.
A few hours after I posted last week's Menu Plan Monday post, I realized that we were in charge of bringing the main dish for our Small Group on Sunday. Oops!
We had just hosted our Small Group at a cookout the week before, so I was looking for a way to keep costs down. And since Small Group is at 12:30 on a Sunday, I needed something that didn't require a lot of prep. After doing some searches for frugal ways to feed a crowd, I decided on a  Baked Potato Bar. While did have to buy some extra potatoes, I had all the ingredients on hand to make a half-batch of Chili, so this meal didn't break the bank.
Our Small Group meal is potluck-style, so Hubby and I brought baked potatoes and chili, and the other families brought baked potato toppings, drinks, dessert, and veggies. We ended up with a pretty good spread and everyone seemed to enjoy the meal.
The toppings: lettuce, sour cream, plain greek yogurt, salsa, bacon, cheese, and broccoli.
Also in this picture are a marshmallow fruit salad and veggies & dip.
And here's the best part: I cooked everything using our two crock pots! Saturday night, I scrubbed and pierced a little over five pounds of potatoes and jammed carefully placed them in my 6-quart crock pot. In the morning, I plugged in the crock pot and baked them according to these directions.
At the same time I also chopped the pepper and onion for the chili and stuck them in the fridge. In the morning, I dumped all the ingredients from the fridge into my 4-quart crock pot, added a can of tomatoes, kidney beans, and spices, and turned it on. When we got home from church, the chili was ready, and the potatoes were close to done. By the time we left for small group, everything was perfect!

In addition to the Baked Potato Bar, I made Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oats in the Crock Pot twice - once for MOPs last Thursday and again for breakfast this morning. I plan to share the recipe this week.

This Week's Re-cap:

Things were fairly quiet this week. On Wednesday, I confessed a little hoarding problem.
And on Saturday, it was time for another Goal Update:

This week I have some fun things planned, if I can stay on top of everything. :) Stay tuned!
What do you have planned for the week?

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