Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Free Printable Goal Planning Sheet

Raise your hand if you have trouble making or keeping goals. This is a safe space, so don't be afraid to admit it - I know I'm not the only one who can get overwhelmed! See? My hand is up right next to yours. :-)
After writing my goals, I started noticing that my favorite blogs were sharing all these great goal printables. Some were for writing out your goals, some were for planning, and some were for tracking your progress. As I looked through the printables shared by bloggers I follow, I liked features in all of them, but I kept looking for more. A Pinterest search revealed a great collection of options. (I'll be sharing them soon -stay tuned!) That's when I decided to try my hand at a goal printable. I took some of my favorite features of the ones I found out there on the web and put them together into one chart. 

In addition to a place to write your goal, this also includes a place to write why you chose it as a goal, how you know you can accomplish it, and how you will know when it's completed, as well as a place to write out your action plan. Each page has the space for four goals. Here's how I used mine to write out my personal goals for 2014:
Why I like it: I'm guilty of making many a goal without really thinking it through or setting up a plan. And we all know how well that usually goes... Using this printable forced me to evaluate each goal and make an action plan. I also know that when my motivation starts to wane, I can look back on this sheet and remind myself of why the goal was important to me in the first place and why I know I can accomplish it.

To print the page, click here.
While it took some time and thought to fill this page out, it really helped me to think through my goals, motivations, and how I plan to make things happen in 2014.  
Oh, and by sharing this free printable with you, my dear readers, I'm halfway to meeting one of my blogging goals. Score!
Here's to making 2014 a successful year!


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