Wednesday, August 21, 2013

If You DIY, Do It Right!

Hubby and I are all for DIY projects. There are so many great tutorials on blogs and YouTube that you can do most minor projects yourself. However, I'm a firm believer that you should only do something if you can do it correctly.
Can you guess where I'm going with this? Well, Hubby recently noticed what he thought might be a leak under our dining room window. After he cut a hole in the wall, it turned out that it was a poorly-done drywall patch. And this was behind it:

Yes, those are loose wires. And after using an electrical tester, we found out that they're live. Oh boy.

So where did they come from? Back when the house was built, it had electric baseboard heat, but at some point the downstairs and master bedroom were converted to forced air oil heat. At some point after that, the baseboard radiators were removed and the wall was patched.
My dad, an electrical engineer, says that because the wires were capped and taped they didn't pose a serious danger, but they definitely need to be put into a junction box and disconnected, if possible, to be extra-safe.
So hubby went out and bought the required materials and got to work. And the sweet man put up with his blogging wife taking pictures of his every move. :-)

After the junction box was in, he added a piece of scrap wood to hold the new piece of drywall in place. 
 Then he taped cardboard over the hole to discourage curious little hands from exploring until he could patch and spackle.

Right now the patch is on and the wall looks like this, but once it's sanded and painted, you hopefully won't be able to notice the hole was ever there.
I feel much better now that the wires are safely tucked into the wall. The only bad news is we have several other wires to find on the first floor. Hubby already found and fixed one in the living room, but there's probably one in the entry, the family room, the powder room. and the kitchen. I'm just thankful that the previous owners did a poor spackling job so that we could find and fix the problem!
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has found poorly done DIY's.  What have you found in your home?

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