Friday, July 26, 2013

Wishing and Hoping

I have to say, this title makes me smile. It brings back high school memories of singing a medley from "My Best Friend's Wedding" in the freshman girls' chorus with Mr. Clark. : )

Today's post has me wishing and hoping, planning and dreaming, about updates to our family room. We've been in this house for 8 months and it's almost embarrassing how unfinished the space is.
This especially frustrated me in the first month or so because I was so used to having a house exactly the way I wanted it. We had painted, decorated, and fine-tuned our organization, and I can honestly say I was happy with every room.  But I've had to remind myself that our old home wasn't like that when we moved in. It took us 4.5 years of painting, updating, furnishing, and organizing (and re-organizing) before we got there.

And life here is busy. Unpacking, repairs, and holidays consumed the first few months. Since Spring, much of our time has been spent working in the yard, taking care of our chickens, and putting up produce from our large garden. And then there's constant supervision required for an active toddler.
We painted our bedroom because we had to (the previous owners patched holes and painted over them in the wrong color), but other than that we've stayed away from major projects. However, once winter comes, that will all change - hubby and I have agreed to tackle our family room.  I am so excited! This is the room where we spend most of our time, and it needs some work.
Here's an example of our Family room now:
In case you're wondering what's on the coffee table, it's a custom quilted cover my mom and sister made for Kiddo's 1st birthday. I like it because it protects the coffee table from his abuse and him from major bumps and bruises when he inevitably falls or runs into the coffee table. It's one of his favorite places to play with his cars and little people.

For starters, the beige on the walls almost matches our taupe couch. After doing some major Pinterest and bloggy research, the color I kept coming back to was Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.  Liz from Naptime Decorator, says it's  "a gorgeous chameleon color that changes throughout the day from blue gray to blue green." And from all the pictures I've found it looks great paired white trim and a variety of colors. Yes, please!

Another issue at the moment is the too-small area rug that we had in our dining room at the last house. It's been serving its purpose, but its scale is all wrong and it's not fitting with the new color scheme I have in mind.  I've been eyeing the Mohawk Forte rug in Taupe/Flesh/Ivory from Home Depot as an affordable option, but I wasn't sure if it would work with the wall color.
Guess what I found when I was looking on Pinterest for examples of Sea Salt to show hubby?
home depot paisley gray rug
Source: Unskinny Boppy

Yes, that's the rug AND paint color I had in mind! Huge score for me, the design-challenged!
If I do go that route, I'll want to add some pops of color with throw pillows and accessories. Maybe a deep blue and/or a muted turquoise? We shall see!
I know I'm stressing out the hubby a little with all the planning (after all, the update is still months away), but all this planning is so much fun!

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