Thursday, July 25, 2013

Goodwill Finds

Kiddo and I took a very impromptu trip to the Goodwill yesterday. Last time I went, I was very disappointed with what I found, but this time I armed myself with Virginia's thrift store tips from Live, Love, DIY. I went in with an open mind, looking at things for what they could be, rather than what they are, and I found some really great deals.

Like these new Threshold lamp shades from Target for $5.99. Our local goodwill gets the clearance items that don't sell. As much as the one on the right was calling to me, I didn't have a lamp or a room that would work for it, so it stayed. :(

Talk about an amazing find! Added up, this entire set of copper-bottom Revere Ware pans costs just under $32, before tax. If I needed pans, I would have totally snagged those. I'm actually still thinking I may go back for that double-boiler.

And then there was this guy, giving me his doe (buck?) eyes, just pleading for me to take him home. Um, no. The best part? That yellow tag there says "Reduced! $199.97."  Hubby (our resident hunter) says that's probably less than what it cost for it to be mounted, but still. That dude is probably going to be there a looong time.

Which brings me to my haul: Two white zippered pillow cases (eventually I plan to paint them for Kiddo's reading nook - info on that to come) at $1.50 each, a basket that perfectly fits two rolls of toilet paper for 97 cents, and the beautiful soap pump and matching glass with the tags still on ($6.97 and $4.97). I've seen this style soap pump on several blogs and I L.O.V.E. it!

I also got a narrow mirror for $2that we may try to re-frame and hang above our mantel. More to come on that in a future post about our plans for a family room update.
This is the first Goodwill trip in a while that I came home almost giddy about my purchases. Thrift stores can be frustrating at times. Where do you stand? Do you think they're worth the time or not?

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