Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Improvised Broom Closet

As I have mentioned before, we have less closet space and concealed storage in this house than I would like. We actually have one less closet downstairs in our 2200 square foot 4-bedroom colonial than we did in our 1300 square foot 3-bedroom town home. I was so spoiled, and I certainly miss the storage!
We also have laminate flooring and tile throughout our first floor. With a toddler in the house (messes and crumbs galore), the broom and I have developed a very close relationship. I needed a good way to store our broom, mop, and the like where I could reach them easily throughout the day.
I was Pinspired by this beauty of a pin. Cleaning is probably my least favorite part of household management, but looking at this broom closet simply makes me happy. Crisp, clean, organized... it almost makes me want to clean - almost!

Maybe someday, when we re-do our kitchen, we could add something like that. But until then, I needed to come up with an easy-access storage solution. My attempts - shoving them in our coat closet or hanging them on nails on the basement wall - weren't cutting it.
I had broom closet envy, but what do you do when you don't have one? A few months ago I was at Target in the Dollar Spot and noticed an over-the-door hook rack for $3. It wasn't until I got home that I realized it was the solution to my broom closet dilemma! We don't go to Target often, and Dollar Spot items don't usually last, so I wanted to seize the opportunity. Thankfully, a friend was going there the next day, so she picked one up for me. Thanks, Beth!
Since most of my sweeping jobs happen in the kitchen, I chose to hang the hooks on the inside of the basement door, right as you enter the kitchen. It's been in place for a few months, and it's working perfectly! Here's my new "broom closet" in action.

From left to right we have a $1 handheld broom and dustpan from Target's Dollar Spot, a broom (I think it's from college), a lint brush to get the cat hair off the couch with a baggie of Swiffers behind it, my Rubbermaid Reveal mop, and the cleaning pads for said mop {affiliate links}. The empty hook normally holds an old Swiffer-style broom, but the kiddo was playing with it while I took the picture. He loves to sweep!
(Oh, and please disregard the scattered toys on the floor and general 
mess behind the door. He makes messes faster than I clean up!)

As I said, this is an old project. This "broom closet" has been in place since the spring. I chose to post this now because the hooks were back at the Dollar Spot when I was at Target a little over a week ago.
I can think of so many other uses, and for $3, it's a very affordable organizational tool! You could hang scarves or baseball caps on a closet door, pans on a pantry door, towels in a bathroom.... Makes me want to go out and buy a few more!
How would you use hooks like this in your space?

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