Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pantry Organization

Now, I definitely admire all the beautiful designer pantries out there on Pinterest, but I will not be shelling out the big bucks for fancy containers or taking the time to paint, much less stencil, the interior. I really don't like to spend money on home decor when I can find a free or almost-free solution.
I had been using clementine crates to store some items - I was going to paint them with the Pinterest favorite, chalkboard paint - but they weren't really working for me.  When I spotted six of these boxes at our local discount grocery store, I snatched them all up!

I was immediately pinspired by Jen's wrapping paper-covered shoe boxes at iHeartOrganizing.

Since my boxes would be used regularly, I wanted to use a more durable material than wrapping paper. So I decided to go with drawer-lining contact paper. Marshalls had two rolls of this pretty Laura Ashley pattern for $5.99.
Four of the boxes would fit in my pantry, so I covered them with the contact paper and put these cute (free printable!) labels on from Better Homes & Gardens. (Another pin!) I love these labels so much, they will be making appearances in future projects.

The rest of the pantry looked kind of boring, so I added labels to (most of) the remaining containers. I used clear contact paper and regular printer paper so I can easily remove the labels if needed.

Our pantry still needs some work to maximize storage. The bottom shelf and floor are currently under toddler takeover. My eventual goal is to put up a skirt from the bottom shelf to the floor and put some cooking-related "tools" for him to play with while I'm working in the kitchen. I already have the velcro to attach the curtain. Now I just need to find the perfect fabric at the right price, which may take awhile!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my first Pinspired Home project!

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  1. Could you post your method? I tried this awhile back and couldn't get the contact paper to stay stuck. Seems like they are making it less sticky than years past.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of my method because I did this about a month before I started blogging. I basically wrapped it like a present, cutting off excess instead of folding. I think the key to getting it to stick is to be generous with the contact paper. I had more than 4" overlap on the inside and it completely covered the bottom.
      I'll have to make another one and photograph the process. As soon as I have it up I'll link it up to this post and let you know. :)

  2. When I did mine, I used some spray adhesive to give a little more holding power. I've also done this on photo albums :)

  3. Super idea! I have a lot of boxes that I have kept, with something like this in mind. I'm definitely going to give it a try ; ) Thanks again for the idea.

    1. I'm glad I could provide some inspiration! Let us know how it works out!


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